Industrial Engineering and Operations Management


Profitable design and operation of modern industrial systems requires integration of human, material, equipment and financial resources. In recent years this integration has become tighter due to the inclusion of information technology, and resulted in more complex systems. Industrial Engineering research focuses on quantitative analysis, synthesis and management of such complex systems. The affiliated faculty members come from the Industrial Engineering department of the College of Engineering, the Operations and Information Systems group of the College of Administrative Sciences and Economics, and other related fields.  Our research areas are diverse, including Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Service Operations, Production Systems, Stochastic Processes, Financial Engineering, Mathematical Programming, Data Mining and Bioinformatics.  The programs are built on the basic methodologies of operations research and their applications in manufacturing, distribution and service industries.  Graduates of the M.Sc. program have been placed in respectable Ph.D. programs in North America, Europe and Türkiye as well as various professional positions in industry.

Some of the various potential opportunities awaiting graduates of the program include:

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