Supporting Programs

ALIS- Academic and Life Skills

ALIS is a student-centered program at Koç University, which aims to support students for a successful and enriching experience throughout their academic life, and introduce them the fundamental skills that are needed in professional and personal life. Prof. Dr. Zeynep Aycan, who founded ALIS program in 2010, has been acting as the Academic Supervisor since then.

ALIS is consisted of two courses designed by ALIS faculty. These courses are offered in accordance with students’ level of development, and they are based on theory and research findings. These courses are: ALIS100- Academic and Life Skills, where freshmen learn about these fundamental skills via experiential learning and reflection, and ALIS350- Academic and Life Skills: Transition to Professional Life, where junior and senior students learn about necessary skills that are often required in today’s competitive professional life.


Dean of Students

Student Center -3rd Floor

Offices: B331 and B333


ENGL 500 – Academic Writing Skills Course
This is a writing course specifically designed to improve academic writing skills as well as critical reading and thinking. The course objectives will be met through extensive reading, writing and discussion both in and out of class. Student performance will be assessed and graded by Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.