MS without Thesis


The aim of the Chemistry program is to give the basic advanced chemistry knowledge required at the graduate student level, to give them the ability to do research using them, to teach the research topics brought about by the latest developments in chemistry. In this regard, one of the aims is to contribute to the specialization of the department of chemistry, which is still working on the industry, to further the knowledge accumulation in the subjects of undergraduate and graduate studies. At the same time, the newly graduated Chemistry department is to make the students become more productive and qualified in their working life by providing their specialization in different subjects of the person.

Degree Requirements

Chemistry non-thesis master program consists of 10 courses of at least 30 credits, seminar course and term project.

Students are required to complete at least thirty (30) credits by taking at least ten (10) required and elective courses according to their areas of interest. Unless stated otherwise, courses are 3 credits. With the approval of their advisors, students can take a maximum of 3 undergraduate courses to provide a basis for graduate courses, and these undergraduate courses can be used to complete the course and credit requirements of the non-thesis master program.

In addition to the credit courses, students must complete the non-credit courses; CHEM 591 - Term Project, CHEM 590 - Seminar, ETHR 500 - Scientific Research Methods and Research and Publication Ethics, and ENGL 502 - Effective Writing and Presentation.