The term cyber defines activities using computer systems and networks. Nowadays, one of the most important needs of cyber technologies in terms of both infrastructure and applications is cyber security. Hence, there is a growing demand for experts in the field of cyber systems and information security in both academia and industry. According to the ISC2 2019 report, there exists a shortage of more than 4 million cyber systems and security experts in the world. In order to meet this crucial need, an innovative graduate program that combines several fields such as cryptology, computer networks, operating systems, software engineering, cloud systems, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, risk analysis, strategic planning and criminal law, is required. By offering theoretical and practical courses to meet the aforementioned needs at the master’s level for students who have completed fundamental computer engineering or equivalent education at the undergraduate level, the objective is to ensure that our country becomes a pioneer in the field of cyber systems and security.

Cyber systems and security aim to find solutions to ensure the efficiency, security and confidentiality of data production, transmission, storage and computing systems in different fields. For this reason, the proposed master program is structured as an interdisciplinary program and it is directly related to the disciplines of computer science and engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, industrial engineering, mathematics, physics, law, social sciences, medicine, economics and business.

We offer rolling admissions for all Cyber Security Non-Thesis MS candidates. The applicants may apply until the beginning of Spring 2021 term (February 15, 2021). Decisions will be announced within 2 weeks right after the submission of the application date.