Rain Lab: İdil Meşe & Da Poet feat.Can Ömer Uygan

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2024-05-07 12:30

2024-05-07 13:30

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SOS Avlu

Rain Lab: İdil Meşe & Da Poet feat.Can Ömer Uygan

Rain Lab is a music project founded by İdil Meşe and Da Poet, prominent figures in the alternative and electronic music scene in Turkey. The group is known for its alternative and electronic music, often characterized by melancholic and atmospheric tones, successfully blending electronic music elements with organic instruments in their compositions.

İdil Meşe is primarily recognized as a vocalist and lyricist. With a rich musical background, Meşe is a versatile artist, capturing listeners' attention with her distinctive voice and emotional interpretations.

Da Poet, on the other hand, is a significant figure in the Turkish hip-hop and electronic music scenes. Known for his identity as a producer and beatmaker, the artist has collaborated with various musicians, contributing to their albums in addition to his solo works.

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İdil Meşe Şarkıcı & Söz Yazarı / Singer & Song Writer Da Poet Prodüktör, Ritim Üreticisi & Rapçi / Producer, Beatmaker & MC Can Emre Uyan Şarkıcı, Söz Yazarı & Trompetçi / Singer, Song Writer & Trumpeter