Covid-19 Update
The Koç University Graduate Schools are aware of the current barriers faced by some international applicants to provide valid GRE and TOEFL test score reports due to test cancellations.

You can find more information in the following links for each test
GRE General Test 

You should register for the next available GRE and TOEFL test date available in your country and indicate the date on the online application form in the relevant section if you are not able to submit an application with your TOEFL and GRE test score reports.

Candidates without a TOEFL and GRE test score will still be evaluated on the basis of all the other application documents (Statement of Purpose, Recommendation letters, Publications, CV, others) and the Graduate Schools may issue conditional admissions to selected candidates.

In order to enroll as a new student in the Spring 2021 semester, candidates that will be offered conditional admission should provide before or during the enrollment period official GRE and TOEFL test score reports as specified in the conditional admission letter.

1. Prepare your application documents

Prepare as PDF files the following documents:

  • Resume / CV
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Official transcripts from all the university degrees you have completed
  • English language proficiency test results (TOEFL for international applicants or YDS/e-YDS/YÖKDİL for Turkish applicants)
  • ALES (for Turkish applicants) or GRE (for international applicants) test scores

Other documentation may also be required. Please make sure you check the application requirements of the program you are applying to.

The application process is free. There is no application fee for the Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering programs.

2. Create a user on the online application system and complete the application form for your program of interest

  • Use the online application to apply. Documents will not be accepted via email or post.
  • Follow the instructions and guidance provided on the application form for each section
  • Do not leave any required fields empty (these are marked with a red *)
  • You can apply to more than one program but we strongly recommend that you carefully consider applying only to those programs you think you would be a strong candidate based on the admission requirements.
  • There is no need for a separate scholarship application. You only need to apply to the program(s) of your choice and you will be automatically considered for the relevant scholarships available for the program you have applied to.

3. Submit your application

  • You will be able to upload any additional documents required to process your application after you have submitted it.
  • If there are any technical problems with your application please email but make sure you have checked all the instructions and error messages give to you inside the online application form.

4. Wait for your admission decision

  • The Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering will only contact candidates that have been shortlisted for interview by the program faculty members.
  • Admission or rejection decisions are typically sent to candidates 4-6 weeks after the application period deadline.
  • If you are offered admission to one of the graduate programs please indicate your decision to enroll or not by the specified deadline.
  • The Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering is not able to provide specific reasons for rejection to individual candidates.

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