Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering Optoelectronic and Photonics Engineering Program Overview

Graduate education in Optoelectronic and Photonic Engineering (OEPE) at Koç University is offered through an interdisciplinary program with the objective of giving the students the fundamental physical scientific and applied engineering knowledge required for the design, simulation, realization, and characterization of OEPE materials, devices, systems, and applications. The OEPE program has both theoretical and experimental research activities. The graduates of the OEPE program work at frontiers of technology with a broad spectrum of application areas: from automotive and home lighting to information and communications, from life sciences and health to displays, from remote sensing to nondestructive diagnostics, and from material processing to photovoltaics. Current graduates of the MS in OEPE program are working in the industry, e.g., Menlo Systems, Munich, and continuing their PhD studies at Koç University. The research areas of the OEPE program are 2D/3D displays and imaging systems, Advanced signal processing, Femtosecond lasers, Metamaterials, Microwaves, Nano-optics, Optical communication, Optical MEMS, Plasma physics, Plasmonics, Quantum communication, Quantum optics, Remote sensing, Silicon photonics, and Solid state lasers.