MS Non-Thesis

The digital revolution has been changing the world and the impact of computing on society is being felt significantly. We aim to advance the knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering and enrich the scope of Computer Science to solve the complex problems of our changing world by applying this knowledge to studies in interdisciplinary fields.
The aim of the program is to provide the opportunity to specialize in computer science and engineering. Those who want to work in the research and development sector in the industry and who want to specialize in the current computer science fields after undergraduate education will be able to benefit from this program. The program aims for students who have basic introductory undergraduate knowledge in computer engineering to gain advancement and interdisciplinary approaches and methods in the field of computer science and engineering.

Degree Requirements

The M.S. program without Thesis option requires that the students successfully complete a minimum of 30 credits (with 10 courses) beyond a Bachelor’s degree. The non-thesis option also consists of a non-credit pass or fail M.S. Project course.