Graduate education in computational science and engineering (CMSE) at Koç University is offered through an interdisciplinary program among the Departments of the College Sciences and the College of Engineering. In this program graduate students are trained on modern computational science techniques and their applications to solve scientific and engineering problems. New technological problems and associated research challenges heavily depend on computational modeling and problem solving. Because of the availability of powerful and inexpensive computers model-based computational experimentation is now a standard approach to analysis and design of complex systems where real experiments can be expensive or infeasible. Graduates of the CMSE Program should be capable of formulating solutions to computational problems through the use of multidisciplinary knowledge gained from a combination of classroom and laboratory experiences in basic sciences and engineering. Individuals with BS and/or MS degrees in biology, chemistry, physics, and related engineering disciplines should apply for graduate study in the CMSE Program.

Degree Requirements

Students can apply to the Ph.D. programs with a B.S. or M.S. degree. If you are arriving with a B.S. degree, you are required to successfully complete 14 courses beyond the B.S. degree within 3 years, and take the Qualifying Examination within 7 semesters. If you are arriving with an M.S. degree, you are required to successfully complete 7 courses beyond the M.S. degree within 2 years, and take the Qualifying Examination within 5 semesters. In addition to the credit courses mentioned before, students must also complete the non-credit courses; CMSE 695 – PhD Thesis, CMSE 590 – Seminar, ENGL 500 – Graduate Writing, ETHR 500 – Scientific Research Methods and Research and Publication Ethics , KOLT 500 – KOLT Graduate Teaching Assistant Training and TEAC 500 Teaching Experience.

Qualification Exam:
The written exam is taken from three courses decided by the advisor and the student. The passing grade is getting 40/100 from each of the three courses and 60/100 overall. There are two questions from each course in the exam. The student solves one question from each course, and both questions for one of the courses they choose (4 questions in total). In the first week of the semester you plan to take the exam, please inform GSSE of the three courses and their lecturers .