1. What is the minimum GPA requirement?
We don’t announce a minimum GPA. Since GPA is not the only indicator of academic achievement, evaluations are based on other issues as well. However, high GPA increases your chances of acceptance.
2. What is the required minimum TOEFL IBT or YDS/e-YDS/YÖKDİL score?
Internet based TOEFL 80 YDS/e-YDS/YÖKDİL: 80
3. I have graduated from a university abroad, do you stil request a TOEFL IBT or YDS/e-YDS/YÖKDİL score?
We require TOEFL IBT or YDS/e-YDS/YÖKDİL score from all non-native English speakers.
4. My undergraduate degree program was in English, do you still request a English proficiency exam score?
Yes, you still need to bring a TOEFL IBT or YDS/e-YDS/YÖKDİL score if your native language is not English.
5. May I apply without my English proficiency exam result?
Yes, you may. You need to write on your application form the dates you are going to sit for the exam and you need to send us the score as soon as you receive it.
6. What is the deadline for handing in the English proficiency exam score?
You need to send it to us as soon as possible. If you get a conditional acceptance, then you need to present your score until the registration term.
7. Do I have to send original English proficiency exam result and ALES/GRE scores when I apply?
You can upload the photocopies of these results when you apply. However, the original scores should be given during registration.
8. What is the required minimum ALES or GRE scores?
We don’t announce a minimum ALES or GRE scores. However, higher scores increase your chances of acceptance.
9. Can I apply with ALES or GRE scores?
ALES scores are valid for 5 years. If you have a valid score by the date of the registration, you can apply. GRE’s validity is 5 years and it is required from non-Turkish nationals.
10. I haven’t taken an ALES exam yet, may I still apply?
Yes, you may. You need to send us the score as soon as you receive it.
11. I am senior student and I don’t have my last semester’s transcript at the time of application, would it be a problem?
You can upload your transcripts including the semester that you in. You can submit your graduation transcript when you register.
12. What is the difference between early and late applications dates?

The program will start evaluating all applications received by the early application deadline. If the program hasn’t filled its quotas, then they will evaluate the applications received after the early application and before the regular application deadline. In order to be considered for the early application, the application package must be fully completed by the early application deadline, including the reference letters and test scores. All the application deadlines can be found here.

13. What are the quotas for each program?
They differ and we do not announce them.
14. Where can I get the statistics on ALES and GPA scores of prior years applicants?
We do not announce this type of information.
15. When will the application process start and when will the results be announced?
We will let you know whether your application is successful or not by at most four weeks after the early and late application deadlines.
16. What is the criteria you are looking for?
We evaluate students based on their academic success and potential.
17. Do you invite every applicant to an interview?
No, only short- listed candidates are invited to the interview.
18. How do you announce the application results?
You will receive an e-mail which will be sent to your e-mail address given on the application form.
19. May I apply to an MS program which is different than my undergraduate major?
Yes, you may. If the program accepts your application, then you may be asked to take some remedial courses.
20. What are the application dates?

Application deadlines are announced on the Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering Web page.   All the relevant  information can be found here.

21. Can I submit my application online?

We accept only online application. Koç University uses an online application called Gradapp: https://apply.ku.edu.tr/gradapp/

22. Can you send me more information regarding a particular program?
Please visit the program’s own Web page for courses and curriculum. You can also learn more about faculty members and their research areas.
23. Do you accept applications for the spring term?
We do accept applications for the spring term.
24. Do you give an exam?
No, we invite short-listed candidates to an interview. But, some programs may give a written exam.
25. What is the criteria to get a scholarship?
Scholarships are granted based on academic success and potential.
26. Do you accept paying students?

We generally do not accept MS with thesis or PhD students without scholarship.  You can get more information about scholarships from ‘financial aid’ menu.

28. How can I see the course schedules?
Course schedules may change every semester. However, you can visit the program’s own Web page to see which courses they offer.
29. Are there any classes in the evenings?
No, all classes are during day time.
30. Is attendance required?
Yes, it is.
31. How can I reach the academic calendar?
You can get it from the Web page of the Registrar.
32. Can I study for an MS degree without a thesis option?

We have MS programs without the thesis option. You can check our programs in this website

33. If I am accepted, does that mean I am also going to be an assistant?
Yes, apart from their course requirements, Masters (with Thesis) and PhD students are expected to successfully fulfill their Teaching Assistantship Training duties which is a part of their education to prepare them for academic and research positions after their graduation and also in the Research Assistantship Training part of the education, the students are expected to participate in all research activities including their thesis study.
34. How many hours a week do I have to be assigned as a teaching assistant?
This varies between programs but should be approximately 10 hours a week.
35. Can I work somewhere else while I am an MS or PhD student at Koç University?
This is not possible for the students who receive scholarship. Students who receive tuition fee waiver but no monthly stipend can work during the studies.
36. In which language should I use to write the statement of purpose letter and my CV?
You should write both of them in English.